Hikari Corporation Optical Glass References


Sources Used: The following are the references used to compile the data presented in the optical glass compendium for Hikari Corporation.


Disclaimer: All of the data presented carries with it a disclaimer as to the possibility of clerical errors in compiling the information presented. Some of the glasses listed in the compendium may no longer be melted by Hikari or may be made infrequently or only when ordered. The information is presented in the compendium as an aid to assist the user in the identification of material required on optical element drawings.


New Optical Glasses: The user should be aware of the fact that the manufacturer may be adding new optical glasses or modifying existing optical glasses in its product line. These changes may have occurred after the optical glass compendium was compiled. The user is responsible for identifying changes that have occurred or for identifying new glasses that have been introduced into the marketplace subsequent to the compendium’s compilation


User's Responsibility: It is the responsibility of the user to inquire as to the current availability of the material that they may require for a particular project or before designing it into an optical system. Furthermore, it is the user's responsibility not to rely on the data presented herein. It is the user’s responsibility to verify the information independently.



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