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TELESCOPE OPTICS, Evaluation and Design, by Rutten and van Venrooij, 374 pages, hardbound, published 1988. The book covers different types of telescope designs and the pros and cons of each design, e.g., Newtonians, Cassegrains, Maksutovs, Schmidt cameras and other telescopes.
ASTRONOMICAL OPTICS, Daniel J. Schroeder, 352 pages, hardbound, published 1987. This book's emphasis is on the optical principles on which different systems are based and their application to specific instrument types. Numerous examples of instrument characteristics are given to illustrate the range of optical performance that can be expected. The first half of the book is devoted to geometrical optics, e.g., the Fermat's principle and aberrations. While the second part deals with wave optics in the design of astronomical instruments. The author covers many telescope designs. The book assumes that the reader has had an intermediate level optics course.
REFLECTING TELESCOPE OPTICS 1, R. N. Wilson, 543 pages, hardbound, published 1996. This author directed his effort to providing the reader with a a comprehensive coverage of the optics of the reflecting telescope. The author indicates that his work covers only the essential consequences of Gaussian optics, third order theory and diffraction theory as they apply to the design of reflecting telescope optics. The author indicates that he has written it to meet the needs of the specialists in astronomical community and related industrial fields.

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