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ELEMENTS OF MODERN OPTICAL DESIGN , by D.C. O'Shea, 402 pages, hardbound, published 1985. The book provides detailed coverage of various approaches to optical design. It covers ray tracing, thin lens design, paraxial ray tracing, thick lens, multiply-surface lens systems, effects of aberration, color correction and other design topics.
MODERN LENS DESIGN, by Warren J. Smith, 480 pages, hardbound, published 1992. The treatise contains over 280 proven designs from patents and other writings. Each illustration defines the application, a drawing of the lens and rays, lens aberration and plots. The book walks the reader through the lens design process using the traditional and computer programs.
LENS DESIGN FUNDAMENTALS, by Rudolf Kingstake, 366 pages, hardbound. Classic covering different design procedures which are fully illustrated for various lens and mirror systems.
OPTICS, by E. Hecht & A. Zajac , 676 pages, hardbound. The text covers geometrical & physical optics. Topics include basic electromagnetic propagation, superposition, polarization, coherence theory, and other topics. The book is written to be used as a college text.
FUNDMENTALS OF OPTICS, by F. Jenkins & H. White, 745 pages, hardbound, published 1976. The book organizes the study into properties of light,plane surfaces and prisms, spherical surfaces, thin lenses, thick lenses, spherical mirrors, the effects of stops, ray tracinglens aberration, optical instruments, wave optics,and quantum optics.

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