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THE MODERN AMATEUR ASTRONOMER , by Patrick Moore, Softbound, published 99004.

Each chapter deals with a different topic, and each has been written by a porfessional or experieced amateur. Topics range from buyingg a telescope (or making your own), through electronic equipment and accessories. It also covers spectroscopy and astrophotography.

TRAVELER'S GUIDE TO THE SOLAR SYSTEM , by Patricia-Barnes-Svarney, 80 pages, softback, published 1996.

An excellent introductory book for children. The author stops at all the planets and certain moons in our solar system. The book has many photographics, illustrations and unusual facts.

BE YOUR OWN ASTRONOMY EXPERT , by Guillaume Cannat, Nathalie Locoste, Jean-Claude Senee, 47 pages, hardbound, published 1996.

The book is written for youth and introduces the reader to astronomy, the earth, moon, sun, solar system, stars, the Milky Way, and contains plans for building a model of the solar system and a model of the Big Dipper.

THE OBSERVATIONAL AMATEUR ASTRONOMER , by Patrick Moore, 280 pages, softbound, published 1995.

The book is devoted entirely to observation. Specialists have written each chapter. The book covers the Sun and planets with our solar system, meters, comets, and other relate matters.

TELESCOPES AND TECHNIQUES , by C.R. Kitchin, 204 pages, softbound, published 1995.

The author presents his information in a style that such taht Anyone can learn about telescopes, how they work, how to use them, and how to select one.

COMPENDIUM OF PRACTICAL ASTRONOMY, VOLUME 1 by Gunter Dietmar Roth,540 pages, softbound, published 1994.

Volume 1 concentrates on instrumentation and reduction techniques. A few of the areas covered fundamentals of spherical astronomy, applied mathematics and error theory, optical telescope and instrumentation (basic optical computations, ray tracing and sign convention, aberrations, methods of optical testing, surface manufacturing of optical quality surfaces), telescope mountings,drives, and electronic equipment, astrophotography,fundamentals of spectral analysis and principles of photometry. It also includes a guide to literature, and a historical review of modern astronomy.

ALL ABOUT TELESCOPES, by SAM Brown, 192 pages, softbound, published 1994. The author presents many illustrations through the book. The book covers mirror grinding, polishing and figuring. It reviews the making of a telescope from scratch. Among other things, it also contains information on information on observing our solar system and deep sky objects.

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