1. Products

Aquatic Optics Catalog (corrective and prescription diving mask lenses)

Astronomical (mirror blanks, kits, grinding & polishing material, finished components, supplies)

Bent or Slumped Glass ( for instrumentation, fixtures, helicopter light covers, camera windows, telescope mirrors, infrared mirrors, etc.)

Chemically Strengthened Glass

Colored Optical Filter Glass (by manufacturers)

  Commercial Glasses ( float, UV blocking, heat absorbing, laminated, colored, industrial, bullet-proof, instrumentation, artwork cover glass, anti-reflective, sandblasted, acid etched, etc.)

Commercial Colored Glass ( stained glass, inexpensive filter glass, lighting covers, stage lighting, etc,)

Glass Fabrication (commercial and precision components)

Fused Silica & Fused Quartz (Standard, Ultra-violet, & Infrared for optical, electronic, industrial & commercial applications)

High Temperature Glass and Crystalline material ( for fireplaces, wood burning stoves, industrial ovens and dyers, instrumentation, covers for quartz lamps and heaters, etc.)

Laboratory Glass

Lamp Workers Catalog (Glass blowers supplies, Glass Tubing and Rod, etc.) 

Microscope slides & Cover Glass ( for educational, medical, laboratory  and industrial applications)

Micro-sheet/thin glass ( .005" in thickness and thicker)

Night Vision Glass Filters (for goggles, instrumentation, military and aviation applications, etc.)

Optical Coatings (Metallic, anti-reflective, V-coats, mirrors, hot mirror, cold mirror, beam splitting,  conductive, neutral density, etc.)

Optical glass blanks & optical glass material cross-references (molded and fabricated blanks and optical compendium of over 250 different types by manufacturers)

Optical Components (Domes, Prisms, Lenses, Windows, Cylinders, Achromatic lenses, mirrors, light pipes, etc.)

Pyrex and equivalent material

Pyrex Tubing & rod

Quartz Tubing & Rod

Safety Colored Filter Glass ( Laser, Glass Blowing, Welding, etc. for eye protection)

Sight Glass ( for vacuum chambers, furnaces, observation windows, industrial applications, etc.)

Tempered and Heat Strengthened Glass

Tubular Gage Glass (for liquid level observation on storage tanks, air conditioning units & other industrial applictions)

Glass for Trophies and Awards ( Custom fabricated)

 Vacuum plates

2. Services

    Glass Annealing (fine & precision annealing)

    Coating (metallic, anti-reflective, ITO, V-coats, beam splitter, dielectric, etc.)

    Chemical Strengthening

Heat Strengthening and Heat Tempering

    Generating (flat, convex and concave surfaces)

    Edging and Beveling

    Polishing (commercial and precision)

    Hole Drilling and Notching

    CNC Machining

3. Surplus Sales

4. Fabrication articles